Empowering Children and Youth Through Engaging Activities and Supportive Mentors.

Harvest Youth Mentoring Program is a program designed for children and youth in grades 3-8. Participants come from a variety of backgrounds, which makes the program unique, and give children and youth a safe space to learn new things, make friends, and gain valuable skills and experiences.
The program offers 3 grade level programs:
Young Harvest: grades 3-5 (apply below)
Harvest Youth: grades 6-8 (apply below)
Students in Young Harvest and Harvest Youth meets regularly for workshops, guest speakers, and fun hands on activities and trips. In addition, interested parents can sign their child up for a one on one mentor. Examples of meeting themes are:
critical thinking skills
peer relationships
academic/career exploration
Students in Young Harvest and Harvest Youth are invited to complete all 3 years of each grade level. Each year, students dive deeper into topics and activities that develop their skills.


 ***The program is run by a volunteer Program Coordinator. In addition, carefully screened and trained volunteer adult mentors attend meetings to offer support and insight to a variety of areas**

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