Empowering Children and Youth Through Engaging Activities and Supportive Mentors.

Harvest Youth Mentoring Program is a program designed for children and youth in grades 3-12. Participants come from a variety of backgrounds, which makes the program unique, and give children and youth a safe space to learn new things, make friends, and gain valuable skills and experiences.


The program offers 3 grade level programs:
Young Harvest: grades 3-5 (apply below)
Harvest Youth: grades 6-8 (apply below)
Harvest Youth Leadership: grades 9-12 (click here for more information)
Students in Young Harvest and Harvest Youth meet once a month for workshops, guest speakers, and fun hands on activities and trips. Examples of monthly themes are:
critical thinking skills
peer relationships
academic/career exploration
Students in Young Harvest and Harvest Youth are invited to complete all 3 years of each grade level. Each year, students dive deeper into topics and activities that develop their skills.


 ***The program is run by a volunteer Program Coordinator. In addition, carefully screened and trained volunteer adult mentors attend meetings to offer support and insight to a variety of areas**


For More Information, Please Contact Us Today!

Christel Brewer, Director| cbrewer@focusingonfamilies.org| 302-981-8445


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